AgivSpatineo got its first Central European client when Belgian AGIV started using the Spatineo Monitor to ensure the quality of its spatial web services.

Agiv is a regional administrative office that is responsible for distributing spatial data and advancing the implementation of Inspire Directives in the Flemish area. A certain service level requirement has been set for the spatial data services Agiv provides, and for this reason it is important for them to be able to monitor the functionality and usability of their services. Starting to use the Spatineo Monitor was therefore a natural step for AGIV. The cooperation began in the summer of 2013, when Agiv became familiar with Spatineo’s services at the Inspire Conference in Florence. The test period took place in the autumn of 2013, and the contract was made in October 2013.

According to Agiv, Spatineo Monitor is one of the few tools that enable the monitoring and user analytics of their spatial data services, distributed on several different servers, using one and the same platform. Agiv uses Spatineo Monitor to ensure the quality of their services and to report their use to the European Commission, the Flemish Government, and Agiv clients.

In addition, Spatineo Monitor allows for them to objectively test the INSPIRE-compliance of their services and further develop services in accordance with the directives. Since the Monitor is independent of AGIV’s other infrastructure, it allows for full monitoring of their web-based spatial data services also during the installation and development work.

Agiv sees the strength of Spatineo Monitor to be that the Monitor is an external monitoring system and thus an objective source of information for the clients. The clients can check the availability of their services on the Spatineo Directory website, and on the other hand they can use it to announce service interruptions and planned maintenances. Agiv states that Spatineo brings significant added value for them and their clients.