The General-Directorate of the Territory  in Portugal (DGT) has just adopted Spatineo Monitor, as they want to assure the quality of their spatial web services.

DGT was created in 2012, to be an integrated central service in the direct administration of Portugal, within the scope of the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment, endowed with administrative autonomy, DGT is the national public body responsible for:

  • Proceeding public policies for land use and urban planning;
  • Ensuring consolidation of the territorial management system, its application and update;
  • Promoting and supporting good territorial management practices;
  • Developing and disseminating guidelines and technical criteria to ensure proper organization, utilization and appreciation of the national territory;
  • Creation and maintenance of geographic reference database systems;
  • Maintenance of the national geodetic network and production of reference national cartography

DGT hosts several geospatial services published in the domain with many of them at high availability levels (>99%). We are glad to see DGT pouring efforts to make their services even better in terms of quality and performance, and maintaining the high availability levels with Spatineo tools!