The National Land Survey of Finland began using Spatineo Monitor in the (European Location Framework) project to monitor the availability of spatial web services and to gather experience using the tool in preparation for the production phase of the project. The National Land Survey of Finland is responsible for the ELF platform which provides data from national spatial web services via a distributed architecture., an open source project headed by the National Land Survey, is at the core of the ELF platform.

Service availability is one of the key quality criteria for the ELF platform, and the aim is to build services that, at minimum, reach the INSPIRE requirements for service availability. Thus, it’s important to get visibility on how the services are working ­– which is possible with Spatineo Monitor. For example, the planned Web Map Service for property boundaries is going to be implemented as a cascaded WMS and as such it will be based on a distributed technology architecture. As a consequence, the service will not work if the national services aren’t available. One aim of the ELF platform is to bring the service availability data visible to the users.

ELF project