ELF-projekti hyödyntää Spatineo Performancea paikkatietopalveluiden testauksessaELF Project verwendet Spatineo Performance, um die Geodatendienste zu testen Spatineo Performance has been taken into use in The European Location Framework (ELF) project. ELF is the development project which will foster the wider use of geo-information and enable the creation of innovative value-added services. The three-year project, launched in March 2013, is supported by a consortium of 30 partners across Europe, whose work is co-funded by the European Commission. The project aims at adding value to INSPIRE data by contributing to cross border harmonisation and building a high performance platform and associated cloud services that support multiple national feeds and a wide spectrum of value-added services.

To meet all the requirements set for the new platform and for multiple new services, it is important to test the capability of the new infrastructure during the development. Already at the launch of the ELF platform some performance issues came apparent. Thus performance testing become crucial for the successful completion of the project. By varying loads, the performance test of Spatineo Performance makes it possible to simulate real-world usage and to ensure that the services keep working as required even during unexpected usage peaks. With Spatineo Performance, the hardware and software capacity can be scaled according to the current situation and thus unnecessary investments can be avoided.

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