Eskilstuna kommun Spatineo Monitor
David Persson System administrator of the technical GIS platform of the municipality and Ida Brännäng Coordinator for geodata management in Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna Kommun from Sweden chose Spatineo Monitor as their primary analytic tool for their spatial web services. They host a very well maintained “Eskilstuna Map”, and want to ensure that their services are well available because the maps are used by the municipality itself, other public organisations, private companies and citizens.

Helena Ringmar and her team from Eskilstuna gave a heart-warming comment on why they chose Spatineo’s service:

“We think that the product has several benefits. One strength is that the product has been developed specifically for spatial web services and will continue to evolve for that type of services.

We have done web analytics on our web map since 2012 but we have not followed up how much individual geodata services are used. It is a natural step to make more in-depth analysis in order to develop quality and get support for continuous improvement of our services.

One big advantage is that we do not need to store log files from the web servers which saves storage capacity and we avoid additional work. The log files are processed at Spatineo to be analysed in Spatineo Monitor. Validation against standards, monitoring service and possibility to run performance tests are tools that  we get on the purchase.

We are learning the product in order to get results that enable us to react to our processes in production, publishing, education and information sharing. Among other things we can provide happy news to owners of information whose geographic information is used by so many! We hope that this will motivate to keep the geographic information alive!” – Helena Ringmar