Finnish Environment Institute has made a multi-year agreement for Spatineo Serval –Service. The first year of the agreement includes a pilot phase in which Finnish Environment Institute takes part in joint development of Spatineo Serval. This co-operation shall make the tracking and reporting of geospatial web services at Finnish Environment Institute significantly easier and much more efficient. Spatineo Serval is a SaaS solution for the tracking, validation, reporting and testing of geospatial web services. Spatineo Serval provides regulatory tracking and reporting automatically, ensures service quality and usability and reduces the costs of geospatial service.

”Finnish Environment Institute offers its’ customers geospatial web services as file downloads and as interface services. The INSPIRE legislation sets certain standard for the performance and usability of the geospatial web services but even more we wanted to make sure our services are so stable and of high quality that our customers are able to set up their own applications and services based on our geospatial data”, explains Riitta Teiniranta, a development engineer in charge of the geospatial services at Finnish Environment Institute. “We also foresee Spatineo Serval making the technical maintenance of your geospatial services a lot easier”, continues Harri Heikkinen, a manager for the ICT Unit at Finnish Environment Institute. The managing director of Spatineo, Kristian Jaakkola adds: “Our discussions with Finnish Environment Institute have been very positive right from the beginning. We’re excited about the opportunity to work closely with the geospatial experts at Finnish Environment Institute and very glad about the trust Finnish Environment Institute has shown us”.

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