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Are your spatial web services’ quality already assured? If not, make sure that they are with Spatineo Monitor. We care for our customers service quality, and we can assure that with Monitor. Try our product full-featured now to get analytics and monitoring running as soon as possible!

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How to get Started with Spatineo Monitor Full Featured Free Trial?

1st step

We will make sure we know how to find and monitor your spatial web services.

2nd step

We create the account and grant you your login information (no installation required whatsoever).

3rd step

If you want to see the analytics for the utilization of your services, we will need to receive the logs from the server(s) where the services are.

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    Still not convinced? Read what our customers have had to say about our Monitoring:

    Spatineo Monitor is a tool that doesn’t require much effort to be utilized, since it has browser based user interface. Basically all we have to do is to send log files on a daily basis via an automated system. Besides being easy to use, Spatineo Monitor has proved to be powerful. We are monitoring all of our WFS, WMS and REST APIs, as well as APIs that require authentication which are used only internally otherwise. With Monitor we get a comprehensive view of all the spatial web services we are providing, and if problems arise we can allocate our resources to the maximum in fixing them.

    – Henri Jutila, Uudenmaan liitto

    We appreciate good communication with the Spatineo development team as well as Spatineo’s willingness to listen to their customers. Spatineo Monitor brings significant added value for AIV and their clients. The major strength of Spatineo Monitor is that it is an external monitoring system and thus, an objective source of information for AIV clients. The clients can check the availability of their services on the Spatineo Directory website, whereas AIV uses Spatineo Monitor inform the clients about service interruptions and planned maintenances.