Next week we are going to attend GIS-Expo, hosted by National Land Survey of Finland at Messukeskus in Helsinki. This is one of those expos, that we have attended for years now, and always wait for the next year just as much as the previous one. We are presenting something new this year, as some of you might have heard. Spatineo Quality Awards will be given there!

For the Spatineo Quality Awards that were given in the INSPIRE 2017 Conference we were ranking INSPIRE services, but now we have so much more spatial web services to inspect. Spatineo team has created indicators that describe the usability and findability of services.

As was revealed by the Technical University of Delft in the INSPIRE 2017 Conference the Finnish SDI is one of most open ones in Europe. Finnish organisations have opened their spatial databases and published spatial web services that are based on OGC and INSPIRE standards. All statistics about the usage of these services show that spatial information is used more and more every year and promote the success of the society.

So be sure to tune into Spatineo Quality Awards presentation next Tuesday 10:30am in room 215 at GIS-Expo. Limited amount of seats!