There was a rare technical problem in the Spatineo’s Availability Monitoring Network on 23rd August 2015 between 00:00 – 07:05 UTC. During this period we were unable to perform any new availability monitoring activity. The problem has now been analysed and solved by our technical team. The incident was not related to data security, and all data provided by our customers was and contiues to be safe.

The cause for the problem was a malfunction in the automatic guard process for Monitoring Agents. Due to this malfunction, the guard process wrongly assumed that the Monitoring Agents were non-functional, and kept trying to restore their normal operation. Unfortunately in this case these well-intended actions based on a false signal disturbed the otherwise nominal functionality of the Monitoring Agents.

Although Spatineo Monitor application itself was not affected, it shows a gap in availability monitoring results of all services during this period. Some customers also received email alerts about insufficient data during the incident. The missing measurements will not however affect service availability percentages.

We are very sorry about this incident and for any inconvenience caused by it. Rest assured that the reliability of our technical infrastructure is always top priority for us. We are also already investigating ways to make sure we keep our response time to any technical problems as short as possible in the future.

Thanks for your patience and continuous support,

Ilkka Rinne
Founder & CTO of Spatineo