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Understand how your services are used

You don’t know who are using your service, so you don’t know how to give them the best user experience. With Spatineo Monitor, you can observe when, where and how your spatial web services are used. You can view which layers get the highest number of hits and what resources are needed to enhance the robustness of your service.

Ensure 24/7 accessibility of your data

Reliability, performance and quality of the spatial web services you offer builds trust with your user base and stakeholders. Spatineo Monitor helps you provide better services: it will alert you if the service stops working and enables you to perform stress tests to check the performance of critical services under high use.

Get comprehensive quality and usage analytics reports automatically

You can easily analyse the Quality of Service and keep track of uptime. Spatineo Monitor’s automated quality and usage analytics reports provide you with concise, good quality information for making data-driven decisions and enable you to prove the value of your spatial web services. With scheduled reports you understand changes in the use of your spatial data infrastructure (SDI) without delay.

Our tools enable you to focus on the key points when assuring the quality of your spatial web services.

What you get

Quality of Service

Easily analyse the Quality of Service and keep track of uptime as well as identify trends affecting service level and availability. High Quality of Service enables fluent access and easy reuse of your spatial data.

Compatibility with industry standards

Spatineo Monitor is compatible with all most used industry standards, such as WMS, WMTS, WFS, ESRI MapServer REST and INSPIRE ATOM.


Use Spatineo Performance to discover the maximum capacity of your spatial web service and to identify the bottlenecks that prevent your service from reaching higher capacity levels.

How to get Started with Spatineo Monitor Full Featured Free Trial?

1st step

We will make sure we know how to find and monitor your spatial web services.

2nd step

We create the account and grant you your login information (no installation required whatsoever).

3rd step

If you want to see the analytics for the utilization of your services, we will need to receive the logs from the server(s) where the services are.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How extensive monitoring saves you money?

    An automated system to immediately alert you of any matters before users notice can assure quality to the infrastructure, and enable you to spot misconfigurations and improve the SDI even further. The usage analytics information reveals, e.g., which data sets are the most popular ones.

    Is monitoring worth it if you have only a few services?

    If you have only one spatial web service but it is critical for your organisation’s internal processes or for external users or for both, then it is definitely important to monitor that service. 

    How much do they have to invest money into this?

    Our pricing model is simply based on “scope & size” of the organisation (national-large/regional-medium/local-small). Once that is defined, annual prices are not affected by the number of services you add to your SDI or number of users in the account.

    How easy it is to adapt monitoring to your spatial web services?

    Spatineo’s Monitoring service is a low threshold activity, since it is completely cloud based and extremely easy to adapt into your spatial web services. Monitoring service doesn’t require any on-site installation and you can start full features monitoring just by getting a list of the service’s URLs and adding the services to Spatineo Monitor.

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