Spatineo Monitor release notes

Version “George IV”
28th May 2013

New features

  • Maintenance breaks & community notifications: It’s now possible for data providers to publicly announce upcoming maintenance breaks and publish other notifications to the user communities of their services. A completely new view “Notification publisher” is found under the main tab “Overview & reports”. The users can subscribe to the notification feed of their user community on the Spatineo Directory page for the services of their interest. The Notification publisher supports writing notifications in multiple languages and styling using the markdown syntax.
  • Service Dashboard gives an overview of the status of all the services currently followed by a user or an organization. It also provides a convenient way to organize the followed services into semantically meaningful groups, as well as to change the display order of the services within each group by using mouse drag. The Dashboard can be found on the new “Overview & reports” main level tab.
  • New clarified tab organization: the Spatineo Monitor is now divided into three main tabs: “Overview & reports”, “Monitoring & usage” and “Performance testing”. In the Monitoring & usage tab there is always one selected service, whereas Overview & reports shows aggregated information considering several followed services.
  • Language support: The Spatineo Monitor is now available in three languages: in addition to english, users may select German (Auf Deutsch) or Finnish (Suomeksi). The user language can be changed by clicking the user name in the upper right corner of any application view.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed request amount calculation bug in usage analytics graph.
  • Fixed layout problems in some tables containing long entries.
  • Fixed problems in map components sometimes taking a lot of CPU resources before making them visible for the first time.
  • Improved general stability and browser compatibility of several UI components.

The next release, code name “Greta”, shall be on Wednesday the 18th of September. The next release will include WFS support (monitoring, validation and usage analytics), extended reporting functionality, improved usage analytics and of course a lot of minor fixes and improvements requested by our customers.