The Finnish Geospatial Landscape keeps getting brighter day by day, as more and more organisations are recognizing the need for monitoring and assuring the quality of services. City of Raisio is the latest addition to this list of success seeking organisations!

Raisio publishes in their WFS and WMS services essential spatial data sets such as addresses, basic maps, city and general plans and information related to land ownership and water systems. Both of these services have quite high availability that the city wants to assure and and even develop better. This enables fluent usage for all users. Spatial data can also be viewed on their service.

CIty of Raisio has stated in their 2018-2020 strategy that developing digital services is very important, and making those digital services reachable is crucial. High availability and transparency are two things that bring Raisio closer to reaching its strategic goals. With Spatineo Monitor, reaching those milestone will be easier and we are proud to have again a Finnish city recognizing their success with our tools!