Spatineo has been developing and implementing a new strategy since the beginning of 2021, and Spatineo has hired Oskari Häkkinen to lead this new strategy. Oskari’s strongest assets are his knowledge of data driven decision making, connections within the IT community, and technology driven business perspective. These assets will be well utilized in his new position as the managing director of Spatineo.

Oskari’s focus and main task will be to execute Spatineo’s new strategy. He will also be in charge of operative actions of Spatineo, and lead sales and marketing efforts. These actions tie in together well, since one cornerstone of the new strategy is to expand into new market segments of data flow. Oskari has extensive experience to lead Spatineo towards growth based on his previous position as the chief operating officer of Bitwise, where he successfully led the company’s growth.

Oskari is a goal-oriented and technologically savvy operative decision maker, which is exactly what Spatineo was looking for. In the recruitment process, it became clear that Oskari’s three main focus areas were something Spatineo definitely wanted to keep part of and further develop in our business culture: satisfied employees and customers, continuous development of competence, and an open and inclusive work culture. 

“I’m excited to take this opportunity to lead Spatineo’s growth, with our great team of experts in their respective fields. I have a strong background in software business development and growth, and my goal is to bring those strengths to Spatineo and lead the way with our new strategy in mind.” – Oskari Häkkinen

New MD for New Strategy

With Oskari stepping to the seat of Managing Director, the current MD Sampo Savolainen will take the position of Chief Technology Officer. With this change in our management and our new strategy, Spatineo will be able to develop our expertise even further and deliver more value to our customers. We have always believed in the value of data and the importance of data flow. We want to engage both the private and public sector to create new opportunities and business with this focus. With Oskari in charge, we will be there to unlock that value for our customers.

More information:

Oskari Häkkinen, Managing Director, , +358 45 127 1861

Spatineo, Chairman of the board, Kristian Jaakkola, , +358 40 529 7497