Spatineo has filed an US and an EU patent application for its core monitoring technology. An UK patent was filed earlier this year and its processing is still ongoing. The EU and US patent applications were filed based on the initial feedback from the UK patent office. Spatineo Monitor’s innovation is a unique application of machine learning. The monitoring network simulates real-world usage of spatial web services by varying request parameters intelligently. Each monitoring request is unique, and they are sent every five minutes to the spatial web service under monitoring.

The benefit of the patent pending technology in practice is that it enables efficient quality assurance of spatial web services. The accessibility, response time and compliance of a spatial web service can be accurately measured and analysed with the help of the technology. The solution also supports the implementation of the EU INSPIRE directive by gathering all the data on the quality the service which have to be annually reported to the European Commission.

Based on the feedback we got on our UK patent application earlier this year, we are confident on getting the US and the EU patent through. The US patent application pendency is two years on average, whereas the EU patent grant procedure takes approximately three to five years.