Spatineo had its’ annual general meeting on the 4th of April and the closing of the accounts for 2012 was approved. Spatineo had forecasted to triple its’ sales in 2012 but eventually the sales was 5-fold compared to the previous year ending up at 213.508 euros (growth 394%). The result remain positive as well. Also the balance sheet grew to 5-fold and was 124.890€. The business grew to such extent that the Finnish regulations require an auditor to be appointed for the company. The shareholders decided to appoint Nexia, a society of authorized public accountants, as its’ auditor. The fast growth and positive result provide a strong basis to continue the growth and to serve even more customers.

During 2013 Spatineo is seeking to open international markets and expecting the fast growth to continue. The sales is forecasted to double to 420.000 euros und the result is forecasted to remain positive (EBIT 5%). During 2013 Spatineo is also aiming to publish a new product, Spatineo Performance, for the performance testing of spatial web services.