Spatineo is applying for a patent to protect the innovation that the Spatineo Monitor’s monitoring technology is based on. The patent application is a UK patent that is usually processed and granted within one year. After this, the patent will be extended to a European and US patent.

Spatineo Monitor’s innovation is a unique, self-learning algorithm, which allows for collecting data on a specified area on the map. Each monitoring request is unique, and they are sent every five minutes to the spatial data service under monitoring. Due to the variation in the monitoring parameters, it is possible to simulate the real usage of the service, and thus achieve realistic results.

The monitoring technology developed by Spatineo enables efficient quality assurance of spatial data services: the service level, accessibility, response time and usage can be accurately measured and analysed. Spatineo Monitor makes sure that both the users and providers of the service receive the benefits they need from the service, and the service quality can be developed. In addition, the EU Inspire Directive requires appropriate monitoring of all spatial data services. Spatineo Monitor collects all the data that is needed for measuring the service level, performance and response time required by the Inspire Directive, as well as reporting them annually to the European Commission, in accordance with the Inspire Directive.