Spatineo is founded on the 27th of January 2011 and thus Spatineo had a small-scale birthday celebration on Friday the 3rd of February. On the same day the first closing of the accounts was approved. In 2011 Spatineo had from early May approximately 6 months of active operations. The total income was over 50 000 € and the operations were profitable. EBIT was 32%. The company is also debt free. Thanks for these excellent results go to our customers. We’re very happy that we could meet, and in most cases also exceed, our customers’ expectations.

The outlooks for 2012 are also extremely good. We’ve already secured significant new deals and customers for 2012 and we’ve invested into our growth by hiring new personnell. We’re forecasting to triple our turnover and to maintain good profitability in 2012.

Due to our fast growth we’re also moving into new and bigger premises. We’ll inform you about this soon.