Source: Finnish Defence Forces

The assignment involved preparing a report on national security and supporting it with extensive geospatial and statistical analysis. One of the critical perspectives in the analysis was understanding the data changes over time. The main goal of the assignment was to answer the client’s research questions, which were carried out using an analysis method developed by Spatineo. The method was based on tools developed by Spatineo, as well as long-term experience and knowledge of efficiently processing and analyzing large and heterogeneous source data.

The initial data included tens of billions of geospatial objects, which were processed and analyzed using FME Workbench and Esri ArcGIS Pro software. For the needs of the analysis, further processed geospatial datasets were produced by enriching, combining, and classifying different source datasets. ArcGIS Pro and Excel software visualized the analysis results as maps and diagrams. Among the geospatial formats used were GeoJSON, Geopackage, and Esri File Geodatabase. The assignment involved handling and producing information at the security level of TL IV.

Additional information from the CEO Oskari Häkkinen.