Spatineo offered a 250 000€ directed share program to Oy Fincorp Ab. The share issue was made to strengthen international sales and marketing and further fuel the growth of the company. “I know Kristian Jaakkola from past investments and he has shown ability to identify paradigm shifts in the society. I believe that the use of spatial data will increase and expand to new areas and thus the quality assurance of this field will be a market that will undergo a fast growth”, rationalises his investment Roger Kempe, owner and managing director of Oy Fincorp Ab. Roger Kempe is also one of the original founders of Evli Bank Plc.

Spatineo also got a new Managing Director, Sampo Savolainen. Savolainen previously held the position of R&D Director and is part of the original core team of Spatineo. “This is an important step in building our company. The investment allows us to boost the growth of the company and build on top of our existing success in the international market”, Savolainen comments. As part of the intensified focus on sales and growth, Kristian Jaakkola, the former Managing Director, will take the role of VP, Sales & Marketing. This allows Spatineo to leverage the investment fully by allocating resources to build and develop the sales team. Kristian Jaakkola will also continue as the chairman of the board.

For further information, contact:
Sampo Savolainen, Managing Director
Tel. +358 40 755 5649