If you happen to be in Helsinki on 22nd November and do understand Finnish, you should consider participating the second INSPIRE training day of this autumn arranged by the Finnish Inspire Secretary at Pasilan Virastokeskus. The top Finnish experts on INSPIRE Directive will be giving their best to outline the practical issues involved in implementing the INSPIRE Discovery, View and Download Services using OGC Open Standard Web Service interaces Catalog Service for Web (CS-W), Web Map Service (WMS), and Web Feature Service (WFS).

In addition to the talks on various Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) related subjects, there will also be software demos by Logica GIS Services, Tekla Oy and Spatineo. This is really exiting for us, because it’ll be the first time we’ll be presenting the user interface of our Spatineo Serval product in public. Our demo will show how the spatial data providers can easily solve their every day tasks considering health and usage monitoring, standards compliance and performance ensuring of the SDI services they are running by using our web-based Spatineo Serval product.