Spatineo Board Member Sanna Rantanen

Sanna Rantanen was chosen as a member of the board of Spatineo 29th of March. She has an extensive background in growth development in the IT industry and she will definitely bring new ideas and thoughts to the decision making process of Spatineo’s board. 

For our stakeholders, customers and followers to know her better we interviewed Sanna briefly. So who is he and what will she be bringing to the table?

  • Who are you and what do you do besides being a member of Spatineo’s board of directors?

I’m Sanna Rantanen, MBA & MSC with a long history of working in the IT industry. I’ve worked in the management of large tech companies, had roles in sales & product management in Sarlin, Vaisala and Instrumentarium. 

  • What made you join Spatineo’s board of directors?

Spatineo is in a very peculiar state of growth, and I’m eagerly waiting to be able to assist Spatineo in my home turf: international growth and awareness.

  • What do you think are the most important long term goals of a growing tech company?

The most important goals for a growing company like Spatineo are loyalty to your own vision. Also being agile towards your customers and target market needs are top priorities. Spatineo combines expert knowledge, a strong operative team and very competent owners. I believe growth can be achieved systematically and with a customer-centric approach.

“Cooperation with Sanna clicked from the first moment and I’m looking forward to work together with her and the whole board accelerating Spatineo’s growth”

Oskari Häkkinen – Managing Director

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