We are making a demo of our forth-coming Spatineo Serval monitoring, validating and performance testing tool at the INSPIRE training day arranged by the Finnish INSPIRE secretary on 22nd November 2011.

What makes this product demo a bit out of the ordinary, is that the software does not exist yet. We’ll be doing a user interface demo of the currently planned features of Spatineo Serval by going through some realistic usage scenarios step by step to simulate how the planned software will support the users’ in completing their tasks efficiently and easily.

“Blaah, I’ve seen enough slideware presented by over enthusiastic marketing people” you maybe thinking. We couldn’t agree more. We believe that the best way to make productive mistakes is to make them as early as possible during the software development process. It’s so much easier to redesign software that only exists on paper and in primitive mockups than when people have spent hundreds of hours coding in. So we’re showing what’s our best educated guess of how the software should work to see how you like it.

We’re there to show you what we honestly think we will make you sleep your nights better whether your job is to make sure that your organization’s spatial data servers are working and in good health, or convincing your management that opening up your spatial data resources as standardized web services really makes a difference to your users. We want to bring you the tools you actually need, and do it fast.

Looking forward to seeing you there and getting your feedback on what’s to become Spatineo Serval.