The City of Lahti in Finland has been active in developing their spatial web services. The Land Use Unit of Technical and Environmental Services produces, maintains and provides different spatial data sets and map services for both the internal administrative functions of the city and for private customers. Lahti wants to get information about the availability, OGC and INSPIRE compliance and usage of their spatial web services. Their spatial web services are a part of the service called Kompa where the citizens can view information about their properties and buildings as well as related documents, including building permissions. The information is searched from the electronic archive of the City of Lahti called Doris. The City of Lahti has a special permission of electronic filing and thus, the newest documents cannot be found in a paper format at all as they are filed only digitally. Accurate and timely information on service quality lets the city react faster to any deviations in the service as well as to allocate development resources more efficiently. In addition, automating routine reporting tasks with Spatineo Monitor results in significant time savings.