The Finnish Forest Centre The Finnish Forest Centre has made an agreement for Spatineo Monitor as a continuous contract. The Forest Centre collects data about forests by mapping 1,5 M hectare of forest every year. Metsää e-service offers up-to-date information directly to the forest owners on their properties and the forestry operators can access the data with forest owners’ permission. The Forrest Centre also compiles regional data about forest resources that can be utilised for example when planning new factories that use wood as a raw material. The maps and orthophotos of the Metsää service can be accessed via spatial web services.

The wide use of the spatial web services provided by the Forest Centre makes the high availability of these services a key to realising the value of them. With Spatineo Monitor, the Forest Centre gets accurate information on the response times of their services and based on the alerts, they are able to react fast to possible deviations in the service. Furthermore, Spatineo Monitor usage analytics gives them clear visibility to the development of the usage of their services.

Marko Keisala, a GIS expert at the Forest Centre, says that they are happy with the product and look forward to the monitoring features it offers. According to him, there is a lot of potential in the product even though they haven’t had time to examine all its features yet. Next spring, they are going to test the performance of their spatial web services with Spatineo Performance stress testing tool. Based on the results of the tests, they are going to scale the hardware capacity to meet the real usage needs.