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Helsinki – Uusimaa Regional Council (Uudenmaan Liitto) is responsible for publishing some of the most crucial information regarding planning in Helsinki/Uusimaa region. They have vast amounts of data that are being used constantly via their spatial web services and via the web map kartta.uudenmaanliitto.fi. As Uudenmaan liitto made some huge improvements to their data infrastructure, they also wanted to make sure that those improvements are measured accurately.

The everchanging landscape in the Helsinki Uusimaa region with the highest population density in Finland sets certain specific conditions to Uudenmaan liitto. They publish data that is being used by residents of the region, private sector and employees of Uudenmaan liitto as well. So the userbase has high variance, but each and every user definitely has the need for the data to be available and well maintained.

Uudenmaan Liitto has their API’s available via their kartta.uudenmaanliitto.fi

The usage of Uudenmaan liitto’s datasets is at a very high level currently. The log analysis of Spatineo Monitor expands Uudenmaan liitto’s knowledge at a very strategic level about this usage, and enables them to work towards better user experience. Seeing the trends of the data usage and as well as the availability of those services makes it easier to update and maintain Uudenmaan liitto’s spatial web services according to the highest standards!

Henri Jutila who is responsible for the spatial data infrastructure at Uudenmaan liitto has been happy with seeing the increasing usage their spatial web services have. He commented on the acquisition of Monitor briefly to Spatineo:

“Spatineo Monitor is a tool that doesn’t require much effort to be utilized, since it has browser based user interface. Basically all we have to do is to send log files on a daily basis via an automated system. Besides being easy to use, Spatineo Monitor has proved to be powerful. We are monitoring all of our WFS, WMS and REST APIs, as well as APIs that require authentication which are used only internally otherwise. With Monitor we get a comprehensive view of all the spatial web services we are providing, and if problems arise we can allocate our resources to the maximum in fixing them.”

Spatineo and Uudenmaan liitto will work together towards better spatial data user experience both for internal and external users.

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