Webinar: Must Win Battles of Geospatial Data

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What are the Must Win Battles of Geospatial Data

What: Online Webinar

When: Tuesday, 8th of December 14:30 – 15:15 EET (GMT+2)

By whom: Luukas Raatikainen from Spatineo & Antti Jakobsson from the National Land Survey of Finland

All industries must face different battles, and we started to wonder what would be those must win battles of geospatial data? Antti Jakobsson from the National Land Survey of Finland has a good sense of this topic, as he has been working on development of national mapping in Europe and in Finland and Luukas Raatikainen has a fresh view on the topic as well – So let’s see what kind of points they can conjure to fight in these must win battles!

Luukas & Antti will discuss this topic in Spatineo’s upcoming webinar! We think that the topics could be boiled down to these following three:

  1. Geospatial is very technical and special 
  2. Geospatial is for professionals currently
  3. Geospatial is everywhere

What do we mean by these three bulletpoints? Join us in the webinar to find out more đź‘€

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