Spatineo proudly facilitated the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s (FTIA) workshop, focusing on the future of digital twins and information security. The workshop aimed to innovate AI-based solutions to enhance the cybersecurity of digital twins.

Leveraging Spatineo’s expertise in digital infrastructure and data flows, we explored FTIA’s innovative plans for digital twins. Key themes included AI technologies such as machine learning, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics. The workshop highlighted the unique cybersecurity challenges of digital twins and the critical importance of robust protective measures due to the vast amount of data processed.

The hybrid workshop involved exercises to identify, classify, and address cybersecurity risks. Participants focused on developing practical, scalable, and effective AI-enhanced security solutions.

The workshop’s goal was to clarify FTIA’s understanding of applying AI to improve digital twins’ cybersecurity and to devise new development strategies. Spatineo is proud to support FTIA in creating a safer, more sustainable digital infrastructure. This workshop exemplifies the information industry’s dedication to innovation and excellence in information security and digital solutions.

Work was done via Loaction Innovation Hub (LIH) which is Co-funded by The European Union.

Keywords: data security, spatial data, GIS, data flows, digital twin, facilitation, artificial intelligence, AI, workshop