Department of Mobility and Transportation of Flanders now adding more value to their spatial data infrastructure with Spatineo Monitor

The Department of Mobility and Transportation of Flanders (DMOW) supports the Ministry in policy-making on mobility and road safety and on investments, management and operation of the transport and port infrastructure in Flanders. Their mission is to offer the expertise and support for innovation while providing smooth and efficient services at high quality.

Usage of Spatineo Monitor

Now the department has taken the step to start making their spatial web services of even higher quality with Spatineo Monitor & Spatineo Performance. DMOW publishes several services under the domain, and most of these services are at outstanding quality. These spatial web services include themes such as maritime traffic, road and logistics data.

In order to secure this high quality and availability, the department is in the process to start monitoring those services actively with Spatineo Monitor. Their spatial web services have been operating for some years already, and now DMOW established the fact that formidable monitoring should be implemented.

The department also purchased Spatineo Performance to support their on-going missions to make their spatial web services even more robust for their users. Making sure that the services have the capacity to what they were designed for, that they don’t have any bottlenecks and the usage is smooth to their users.

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