We are thrilled to announce that Spatineo Inc. has been awarded both Stream 1 and Stream 2 of the tender by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for developing and operating the “Geospatial Web Harvester Development and Operations” project. The contract value is CAD 213 570.00. We are happy to continue working with NRCan on geospatial web harvesting. This prestigious project, outlined in the recent Request for Proposals (RFP), seeks to advance filtering methodologies to enhance the relevancy of geospatial web service catalogue content, expand endpoint services, and develop a comprehensive catalogue harvesting framework. This framework will serve as a procedural guideline for future Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) implementations in Canada and internationally.

As the successful bidder for both streams, Spatineo Inc. will:

Stream 1:

  • Provide a subscription to the Spatineo Geospatial Web Harvester, a unique GeoAI tool for automatically harvesting geospatial APIs, categorising those, and filling the SDI catalogue. 
  • Deliver weekly catalogues to NRCan and its partners

Stream 2:

  • Refine existing methodologies and explore new solutions for automatically harvesting, cataloguing, validating, filtering, and publishing geospatial web services/APIs.
  • Share refined methodologies with Stream 1 to enhance implementation.

By securing both streams, Spatineo Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide an integrated, comprehensive solution that advances geospatial data management and dissemination. We are excited to contribute to this vital project and look forward to working closely with NRCan and its partners to enhance the geospatial data ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,

Oskari Häkkinen
CEO, Spatineo Inc