GeoConnections is a national partnership initiative led by Natural Resources Canada designed to facilitate access to and use of geospatial information in Canada through the development, integration and use of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI). Through three five-year phases, a significant effort has been put to create an online network of resources that improve the sharing, use and integration of information tied to geographic locations in Canada.

GeoConnections aims at keeping Canada at the leading edge of accessing, sharing and using geographic information via the Internet. Quality of service is a key in developing a highly accessible and beneficial geospatial data infrastructure. Thus finding a tool for monitoring the service availability was a natural step for Natural Resources of Canada. The organisation uses Geospatial Web Service Harvester developed by Spatineo to identify web services that are part of CGDI, as well as to monitor and report on the CGDI web services. Up-to-date information on service availability enables them to identify high-quality services and pinpoint possible development areas.