Spatineo, an IT company specialising in data processing, data management and geospatial technology, wants to employ the best coders in the world.

Olympic athlete Nooralotta Neziri visited Spatineo, which has recently been awarded a certificate by Kauppalehti Kasvajat. Competition for talent in the IT sector remains fierce and employers need to invest in differentiation. “The first thing that impressed me was how warm and relaxed the atmosphere in Spatineo’s office is,” says Nooralotta.

Spatineo Nooralotta Neziri Osaajapula IT-tyotenkija Kalasatama Toimisto

Despite the relaxed vibe, Spatineo aims to employ the best coders in the world. “This is by no means achieved by simply hiring rock stars – Spatineo is committed to actively training its own experts. Senior-level experts are not born ready-made, they are developed,” says Nooralotta. Spatineo offers its employees the opportunity for continuous training and certification. Spatineo employees also have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and become experts in them.

A holistic approach to well-being at work

The new office space will also provide a great physical environment for professional development. Nooralotta admired the moss wall in the old office, which freshens up the air and reduces the echo of sound in the space. “I was also a little envious of the coffee machine brought to the office from Italy, where the HR expert who used to be the barista made a great cup of coffee,” Nooralotta says.

As an athlete, Nooralotta also appreciates the fact that Spatineo employees have the opportunity to test a new sport four times a year. “Even in everyday life, you can keep sport present, as you can spend a few hours a month doing sports. If I were not a full-time athlete, this would be exactly the kind of benefit I would want from my employer. Exercise is a good change of pace in the working day, and in the long run, it contributes to the employee’s well-being and health,” says Nooralotta.

Spatineo is constantly looking for new talent. Check out the vacancies here!