Elenia Capacity Map

Spatineo partnered with electrical grid company Elenia to develop a digital service enhancing connectivity and project planning in Elenia’s network area. The Capacity Map Service is designed for business customers to streamline communication regarding project connectivity and capacities.

The development included data, platform, UI, and application design, with integrations and stakeholder collaboration. Spatineo’s GIS expertise and Elenia’s industry knowledge ensure reliability and performance. The service features user-centric design, an intuitive interface, and strong data security measures. The collaboration prioritized essential data sources and features, consolidating all relevant information into a single platform, enhancing project planning and communication.

Elenia’s Capacity Map Service significantly reduces workload from previous multi-channel communication. It enables direct, uniform communication with Elenia, streamlining project planning and enhancing efficiency. Stakeholders benefit from having all necessary data in one place, resulting in high satisfaction and exceeding usage rate expectations. This collaboration showcases the potential of cutting-edge technology and specialized expertise to revolutionize industry practices.

Capacity Map at Elenia website (In Finnish)

Keywords: Web GIS, user interface design, information modeling, integration design, information security, Spatineo Monitor, spatial data, digital service, service design, automation, Esri platform, process development