Spatineo Team 2022

Well-being at work helps employees and businesses thrive

In professional work, it is important that people feel good and can rely on their employer to support them in their work. Meaningful projects, the opportunity to educate oneself alongside work, and a respectful and safe working environment are often identified as important factors in job satisfaction.  Improved employee satisfaction and satisfied customers guarantee a profitable business. Spatineo has recognised the importance of workplace morale and started measuring it early this year. Based on two surveys created by Ilmarinen, we are on the right track.

The results of investing in workability have started to show up immediately in our job satisfaction survey. As a company, we have grown significantly in recent times, and it is also great to see that the investment in well-being at work has been extended to include both new and existing employees.

The job satisfaction survey asked questions about, among other things, the meaningfulness of work, job satisfaction, working environment and atmosphere. Our employees rated these items on a scale of one to five, and overall Spatineo scored a staggering average of 4.4! The categories “Caring work atmosphere”, “Safety in the work environment” and “My employer is genuinely interested in my well-being at work” were among those that came very close to a full five.

Overall, Spatineo’s experts are therefore currently satisfied with their work and its importance. Spatineo will continue to invest in the well-being of our employees. We also feel that it is the relevance of our projects that is important at Spatineo, and this has been one of the factors contributing to well-being at work.

We also asked how many Spatineo employees would be willing to recommend their employer to their friends or colleagues. As a result we got an average eNPS of 67. The scale is between -100 and 100, so the result was very good within Spatineo!

“In many recruitment interviews and development discussions, the same themes are repeated in what potential and current employees want from the company. They want meaningful work and opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.  Good leadership is also a cornerstone of well-being at work. Competitive pay is also one of the most important issues, but it is often overshadowed by the above three. I realised very quickly when I started at Spatineo how good the foundations were for the company to grow because these key elements were already in place.

We work on issues such as tackling climate change, helping organisations to better manage their operations with data and investing in impact in their services. It’s also important that business and government systems are cost-effective, resilient and data robust, and we help different organisations with these issues every day. Our experts and managers are constantly developing their skills and we have defined continuous learning as part of our culture.”

– Oskari Häkkinen, CEO of Spatineo