What do the best companies and organizations buy when they need help with their data flows? What are the challenges they face, and what are they looking for in these cases? At Spatineo we have a good understanding of this and as we serve an ever-growing pool of customers we wanted to expand this understanding. 

We believe that our two new hires have this understanding. They have helped dozens of organisations to make better use of their data, and developed solutions that help enable data-driven decision-making. 

This is why we have hired Jyrki and Jari to Spatineo.

Meet Jari and Jyrki!

Starting in August we’ve had two new faces at the office.

Jyrki Ahvonen is an experienced Account manager, who has worked in the field of spatial data management for a long time. Jyrki has worked at Esri as a Senior Account Manager, and he has a very good understanding of the latest developments in the GIS world. Jyrki will bring loads of experience to Spatineo, and he will be filling the position of Key Account Manager and his main focus is helping our public sector customers.

“I have a long experience in sales and business development in companies like Microsoft, Capgemini, CGI and Esri (GIS company) and have managed customers from many industries with the main focus in public sector companies and GIS. In the previous positions, I have had the opportunity to be closely involved in digitalization projects, where GIS and data have produced significant benefits for clients. 

Spatineo is a great mix of consultancy, other data-related services and products – as well as in a good position to offer and deliver high-quality GIS and data-related digitalization services to its customers.  

I get a kick from learning and applying new technology to good purposes and succeeding together. I live next to the Nuuksio National Park and love to do orienteering, biking, skiing and mushrooming. 

I’m glad to be joining Spatineo’s team!” 

-Jyrki Ahvonen

Another great person to join Spatineo is Jari Vasell. He has extensive experience working with business development and understands a thing or two about digitalizing organisations. Jari’s ability to find bottlenecks in the organization’s operations and fix them is outstanding! He’ll be assuming the role of Director of Business Development at Spatineo, as well as a position in the management team. Jari will focus on creating connections between Spatineo’s experts and private companies that have the mission of better data flows.

“I have a long experience working with various companies to enhance their digital capabilities and help them bring better tools and processes to production. I’ve seen that boldly using new technologies and leveraging GIS expertise has brought a competitive advantage to many companies.

I’m thrilled to join Spatineo’s team to bring the best of GIS, cloud and data expertise to our new and existing customers around the European and the American continents.

-Jari Vasell

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