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Cybersecurity in the Geospatial Industry is Still in its Infancy The headline might seem sensational, but there’s a good reason ...


Spatineo Assisted the Finnish Defense Forces in Automating the Acquisition of Geospatial Data

The Defense Forces aimed to enhance the efficiency of their geospatial data acquisition, processing, and distribution processes. This included developing ...


Spatineo provided the Ministry of Defence with an assessment related to national security

The assignment involved preparing a report on national security and supporting it with extensive geospatial and statistical analysis. One of ...


🌟 Black Friday Special at Spatineo! 🌟

Unlock the full potential of your spatial web services with Spatineo Performance – now at an irresistible price starting from ...


Even GeoJSON is better in 3D

JSON encoding of geometries are becoming internationally standardised as OGC Features and Geometries JSON or JSON-FG for short.


Who are we? – Suvi-Tuulia “Suffa” Haakana

Suvi-Tuulia, also known as Suffa, is our latest team member, and her expertice is focused on GIS and especially ESRI ...