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Who are we? – Suvi-Tuulia “Suffa” Haakana

1.) Name, title and when did you start working at Spatineo?

Hello! I am Suffa and I started working as a GIS (Geographic Information System) consultant at Spatineo in February 2023. My educational background is in geography, and throughout my career, I have focused specifically on tasks related to GIS expertise, particularly in remote sensing and spatial data analysis.

2.) What do you do at Spatineo in practice? Tell us what kind of cases, projects and work you will be doing in the future!

I am an ArcGIS expert in Spatineo’s team, and my expertise lies in Esri technologies, spatial data analysis, and producing interactive WebGIS solutions. At Spatineo, I focus on tasks related to GIS expertise both in client projects and internal development.

3.) What is the best thing about your work?

Utilizing versatile technologies and continuous self-improvement is fun and motivating, but the best part is definitely success! Seeing how an idea turns into innovation and a thought experiment becomes a useful real-life information product is amazing.

4.) And the best thing about Spatineo?

Development is a good friend of spatial data, and it’s great to work in a team with a skilled group of coders! It’s also wonderful to be part of a work community where colleagues clearly appreciate each other’s expertise, are willing to solve problems together and share their own ideas.

5.) What technologies (geospatial or not) fascinate you the most? What technologies should be utilized more in the future?

More versatile use of WebGIS solutions and existing data! From a spatial data perspective, we are living in an interesting time, as new technologies are constantly emerging. In Finland, we currently have many potential development areas where spatial data could be better utilized. Whether it’s infrastructure construction, optimization of well-being area services, intelligent forest management, or environmental surveys, processes could be greatly improved with spatial data! The industry is developing rapidly, and a significant part of a GIS expert’s job is to keep up with the development, learn new technologies, and at the same time, stay up-to-date with the subject matter – and most importantly, smoothly combine these two worlds.

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