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National Land Survey of Finland, Spatineo and 26 partners and 20 other organisations will form a new Location Innovation Hub (LIH) in Finland. LIH was greenlighted by the European Commission and it will start in 2023. Finland is a very progressive country when it comes to collecting and utilizing spatial data, and LIH will even further boost this progress in the future. LIH will be focusing on build environment, bioeconomy, traffic and well-being sectors, and Spatineo’s role will be focused on location-based APIs, maturity assessment and business consultancy.

Location Innovation Hub will provide a huge improvement in cooperation between different stakeholders. Being able to utilize the network of European Innovation Hubs gives participants possibilities to get their hands on the latest technological innovations and knowledge from all around Europe. 

We believe that getting the cooperation to the next level will benefit all participants. Innovation and knowledge sharing are necessary keys in tackling the challenges of the 21st century. With LIH the probability of us overcoming these challenges, like environmental and ecological catastrophes, will increase.

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More info about LIH can be found on the European Commission website, and by following the National Land Survey of Finland’s communications

“The Location Innovation Hub (LIH) will unleash the vast potential of location data, services and technology to improve our society. Our world-leading competence centre will target value chains serving Finland’s and Europe’s key domains, including the built environment, bioeconomy (agri-food, forestry), transportation and health & wellbeing. Location Intelligence (LI) is crucial to the smooth running and interoperation of services used in each of these. In line with the European data strategy and the European Commission’s Green Deal which, together, set the ambitious “Destination Earth” goal – building a digital twin of the Earth – we aim, with our location intelligence services and data spaces, to develop an Innovation Architecture and thus build the capacity needed for enhanced usage of AI, HPC and cyber security technologies. We will support SMEs, mid-caps and public sector bodies, creating location-enabled data ecosystems in each domain. Reference implementations and testing environments will both demonstrate the benefits of location services and enable SMEs to create new innovations in support of circular, API and data economies. Access to high-quality location data is an essential factor in building high-performance, robust and trustworthy AI systems. But, LIH goes further by providing access to business development, skills, training, funding sources and markets in Europe and beyond through our networks.”

LIH description from the European Commission website

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