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Who are we? – Gerald “Junnu” Lee

Who is Gerald Lee and what technologies are his specialty at Spatineo?

Value tree analysis visualizes climate change mitigation and habitat loss prevention

Value tree analysis can be used to get to the bottom of which information products will help in the fight ...

Location Innovation Hub Starting in Finland

The Location Innovation Hub supports businesses and society in the use of spatial information, especially in the built environment, bioeconomy, ...

Nooralotta Neziri learns how Spatineo is fighting the skills shortage

Spatineo, an IT company specialising in data processing, data management and geospatial technology, wants to employ the best coders in ...

Better understanding and interoperability with data models

We believe that data models are the key to mutual understanding and interoperability in data flows, but how do they ...

Who are we? – Stanley Festus

Who is Stanley Festus and what technologies are his speciality at Spatineo?

Who are we? – Oskari Häkkinen

Who is Oskari Häkkinen and what does he do as the CEO of Spatineo? And what is his focus at ...

Well-being at work helps employees and businesses thrive

In professional work, it is important that people feel good and can rely on their employer to support them in ...

Spatineo strengthens its leadership by nominating multi-talented international sales executive Sanna Rantanen to Spatineo’s board

Sanna Rantanen was chosen as a member of the board of Spatineo 5th of April. She has an extensive background ...

How to create Clean Code

Good, efficient and clean code isn’t something every coder does. But the best of coders have a couple of guiding ...

Creating digital assessment tool for scientific needs – Tuulituhohaukka

Finnish Meteorological Institute needed a tool to assess datasets and we build them a tool for that; tuulituhohaukka. Now FMI ...

Spatial Web Services the Italian Way

ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) is the technical coordinator for INSPIRE data in Italy and they provide ...

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