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How does Arctic PASSION tackle the issues of climate change?

Climate change is changing the Arctic more rapidly than any other region. The Arctic PASSION project is centralized in tackling ...

Oskari Häkkinen Spatineon uusi toimitusjohtaja

Spatineolla on työstetty uutta strategiaa talvesta lähtien, ja nyt tätä uutta strategiaa johtamaan on palkattu Oskari Häkkinen.

Spatineo accelerates growth by appointing new Managing Director Oskari Häkkinen

Spatineo has been developing and implementing a new strategy since the beginning of 2021, and Spatineo has hired Oskari Häkkinen ...

Updating Spatial Data Infrastructure and Ensuring Success – Case: Uudenmaan Liitto

Uudenmaan liitto updated their Spatial Data Infrastructure to meet the requirements of 2021, and the new approved provincial plans are ...

Why Data Flows are more important than ever?

Data flow is like a river; it may have several sources, it can cross through several points and it usually ...

The art of debugging

Sanna Hautala was faced with a stone cold challenge - But she was able to tackle with the subtle art ...

Building New INSPIRE services – Case: Statistics Finland

Statistics Finland launched new INSPIRE services (OGC API) with the help of Spatineo, but what was the process the services ...

Service Metadata Guide

How to make the service metadata (a.k.a capabilities documents) of your OGC Web Services more useful to the users of ...

Unique Insights into Global Geospatial Web Services

Learn unique insights about open geospatial web services from our in-depth blog and start enhancing your spatial data!

Spatineo helps Natural Resources Canada to ensure the operability of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure

The Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) is getting help from Spatineo's spatial data harvester!

More impact from service-based data sharing within the Baltic

We are now partner in the Baltic Data Flows project and our main tasks in the project are related to ...

Taking Maps to a new Level – #30DayMapChallenge

Even the most useful data can be converted into something more useful with the right visualization. That is where maps ...

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